Clay Nativity in a Matchbox Christmas Craft for Kids

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  • Polymer clay
  • Matchbox 
  • Colored craft papers
  • Craft glue
  • Scissors
  • Black gel pen
  • X acto knife


  1. Select different colored clay for this project. For all figures, we need to make a ball shape first. Use an x-acto knife to cut out a small amount of clay. Roll the clay to make a small ball shape. Similarly cut out more clay and roll them into ball shapes. Make 2 ball-shaped clays of relatively the same size (to make the heads of Mary and Joseph) and make 2 relatively smaller ball-shaped clays to make Baby Jesus.
  2. Select colors for the clothes of Mary and Joseph. Grab double the amount of clay used for making the heads and roll them into smooth ball shapes. Roll them both on a plain surface to create a pipe-like pattern; these will be the clothes of Mary and Joseph.
  3. Attach the clay heads on the top ends of the clay clothes for Mary and Joseph.
  4. Select 2 more colors for the scarves; grab the same amount of clay used for the clothes. Roll the selected clay into balls shapes and then flatten them using any object with a plain surface.
  5. Place the head attached clothes figure on the flattened clays; Keeping a cm of the flattened clay outside on the top side.
  6. Wrap the figures with the flat clay from the back side towards both sides.
  7. Flatten another clay ball for the baby Jesus. Place the 2 small ball-shaped clays on the flattened clay.
  8. Wrap the small ball-shaped clays with the flattened clay from both sides and bottom. Cover one ball-shaped clay with the flattened clay and make sure that the other is visible.
  9. Use black gel pen or paint to draw the faces of Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus.
  10. Select a color for the star and roll the clay into a ball shape.
  11. Press the ball-shape from 4 sides to make a 4 point star pattern. Bake the prepared figures according to the instructions of the clay package.
  12. Cover the matchbox with colored craft papers. Place the prepared clay figures inside the inner box of the matchbox
  13. Make an angel using any colored clay you want. Make the wings, body, head and headband. Attach all parts together and bake accordingly.
  14. Attach the angel figure on the top side of the outer box of the matchbox.
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