Make-Your-Own Light Saber Station for Star Wars Party Fun

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  • Bubble wands (one per child)
  • 1 empty container
  • 1 roll of silver or grey duct tape
  • 1 black permanent marker
  • 6 glow in the dark necklaces (one per child)


  1. Open the bubble wands and pour bubble solution into the empty container for later use OR have some fun blowing bubbles while you wait for the sun to set!
  2. Rinse out the empty container and make sure the bubble wand handle is clean and dry.
  3. Using silver or grey duct tape, wrap the handle of the bubble wand.
  4. Use the permanent marker to design the handle of the lightsaber.
  5. Open and activate your glow necklace. Fold it gently as needed so it fits inside the empty bubble tube.
  6. Screw the handle back into place and you are ready for a Jedi battle!


  1. Make sure the handle is clean and dry before you apply your tape! If it has any residual bubble solution on it, it won’t stick as well.
  2. Have some fun with the texture of the handle! You can roll up some tape in strips, and place it in layers to add dimension and unique character!
  3. You could add the glow stick while there is still bubble solution in it, but be careful and make sure the necklace is not cracked when bending into position.
  4. For an extra bright light in your light saber, choose a thicker glow pendant or add an extra necklace.
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